Family brunch

Speciaal bij Kees



It’s the family brunch on Sunday at KEES.

Come and have brunch at KEES! Every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

KEES puts your table in 3 courses full of goodies to share for 22.5 p.p.

Price for the little KEES is 12, – p.p.

KEES loves coloring, puzzles and games.

Little KEES can play in the kids corner with the dinosaurs and mice. You can also quietly read a nice book or hula hoops.

Once a month there is special children’s entertainment for the little KEES. This varies from baking cookies to crafts and from glitter tattoos to face painting.

Familiebrunch speciaal bij Kees
1e gang
Little cup of tomato soup or chefs soup
Pizza bread deluxe | spreads

2nd course
Croissant | toast | small salad
Yoghurt | granola | forrest fruit compote
Various types of toppings: marmelade | pastrami | ham | cheese |
smoked salmon | scrambled eggs
Pizza platter with various pizza slices

3rd course
Cake platter | 1/2 slice appelcake | 1.2 slice carrot cake |
1/2 slice cheese cake
Cream | Advocat foam

Little Kees
The little Kees will get their own Kees brunch.
Just like the parents served in 3 courses

1st course
Small cup of tomato soup (no bread with spreads)

2nd course
Croissant | toast | ham | kaas | butter | 2 types of chocolate sprinkles
2 pizza slices (Margarita)

3rd course
Kids ice cream